Stagehand: a ‘reverse platformer’ game from Big Bucket

We have tested several of them and we surely know how it feels to play a platformer game on mobile! It’s fun, exciting and gamers are sure to benefit from a good dose of entertainment on the go. Considering that thousands of new apps get released daily, it is clear that a few had to come from the genre that you enjoy so much!

The one that you will certainly like to look out for is going to be released by the developers behind hit titles like The Incident and Space Age. That’s none other than Big Bucket, and they have now revealed that their forthcoming game will be called Stagehand. The latter is slated for a November the 23rd of 2016 launch and it should come with a price of $1.99 only.


You heard it, even more action is on the way for those who have a passion for Super Mario style thrills! However, the newly announced app will come with a very surprising twist! Players will not control the character, but the platforms on which he will be moving on. That’s right it will be a fast-paced challenge and dragging things around on time to make way for Frank will be the key to score the highest possible!

Do note that Stagehand is presently targeted at the iOS Store exclusively and more details about other ports will probably be revealed in the future. For now, a pretty demonstrative trailer has gone live and it will provide prospect gamers with an idea of what’s coming. Check it out!



‘Yo to the Yo’ has now been released by Purple Pwny Studios

We have all tried a yoyo as a kid; it was amazingly fun! However, it’s now back and will be seen within ‘Yo to the Yo’, a mobile game that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The free-to-play title is all about throwing one of the roped instruments into space and catching it before it falls.  Do note that the fast-paced challenge is from Purple Pwny Studios.  Watch its trailer for a better idea of what to expect!

Yo to the Yo

Clash of Clans’ December update is something you wouldn’t want to miss

Shipwreck Castles

December will soon be upon us and with it, will come a brand new Clash of Clans update! The latter has been hinted by Supercell and players can expect something that will surprise many. Leaks now seen on various platforms suggest that shipwreck castles and sea attacks will be of the party. However, these might sound too amazing to be true and it would be wiser to wait for an official announcement from the developers. In the meantime, Clash-specific websites can help you stay updated with the latest news!


Kiemura reveals that it will soon release Hovercrash


If you did enjoy Tiltagon or even, you will certainly love Kiemura’s latest title! The latter has been named Hovercrash and it will provide users with a racing sort of gameplay. As a player, you will get to control a spaceship and dodge obstacles to collect point-boosting coins. This sounds good, right?! If it is the case, check the latest updates on the developer’s website for more details and keep an eye here for more buzz!!

Super Cat Tales: out there to challenge the forthcoming Super Mario Run?!

This is probably what you will all be thinking as soon as you set sight on Super Cat Tales! The latter is a platformer and it does bear amazing resemblance to titles from the Super Mario series. However, the plumber has been replaced by a pretty cute-looking pussy and this will certainly give the app an edge. Do note that the game is likely to start rolling-out on the 17th of November and it will be seen on both iOS and Android stores!

Super Cat Tales

High Risers: A platformer that is being called a climber or endless runner

These days, the platform gaming genre is getting remixed and with new features being added in-game, they are being called differently to better reflect their nature. Whether you agree to this or not, it is happening and one of the latest examples is Kumobius’s recent App Store and Google Play release.

The latter was named High Risers and it is being described as a climber and also as an endless runner. However, if you, as a gamer, look closely at what the title really is, you will definitely realise that it has pretty strong platformer roots. Players will be tasked to control a running character as it goes through a building that’s under construction.

High Risers

Just like a typical platform game, this new release will involve tapping on the screen, jumping from roof to roof and bouncing to collect coins. Several other characters can be unlocked and they have all been designed to look like heroes that have already made a name for themselves (Super Mario, Sonic or Donkey Kong).

Do note that the developer mentioned that “if Leap Day and Canabalt had a baby”, High Risers is what it would most definitely look like! Some might agree, but again, it’s all about how good you are as an observer and how ready you are to accept the process what can possibly be called ‘genre amalgamation’. Traditional folks might not love the fact this is really taking place, but it is happening and it might help to embrace the situation and the game that we been referring to!

PinOut finally makes it on stores worldwide

If there is a game that digital pinball fans have been waiting for, it will have to be PinOut! The latter was revealed about a month ago, but it was only seen on selected stores. However, things have got better and the endless pinball title is now on App Stores for free. Players will get to enjoy atmospheric neon themes as they play for the highest score possible. The trailer should give you a glimpse of what it’s all about!


Eggggg – The Platform Puker: platformer thrills for $1.99!

Vomiting is not normally a fun experience, but with Eggggg – The Platform Puker, things will turn out to be pretty cool! The latter is a brand new mobile title from Hyper Games and it can now be seen on the App Store exclusively. Unlike most, this experience will not be a freemium and it hence comes with a fee that most should be able to afford. Let’s discover this intriguing release!

iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad will both be compatible and it will only cost $1.99 to have the app installed permanently. Do note that this platform game now has a 4.5/5 star rating on its download store and it has already been updated to version 1.3. As its name suggests, this title is all about vomit and players will get to control Gilbert who has extreme allergy to eggs.

An action-packed and delirious experience can be expected as you guide the character, who actually has some sort of vomiting superpower, to safety. Up to 20 crazy levels will have to be played and each of these will see Gilbert puking his guts out in order to overcome the nasty cyborg birds who will always try to smash him with their huge legs… like in friend chicken legs!

To fully enjoy the horizontal platform-running rounds that will be on offer, smooth on-screen controls have been implemented and a unique visual style by the Spanish illustrators Brosmind will boost things up. To boot, those who have already upgraded to iOS 10, will also get to take advantage of a free sticker pack that can be used in iMessages. Why not watch the newly released trailer for a better idea of what to expect?!

MOBA Legends got a Chucky update for Halloween!

Remember Chucky the killer doll?! Well, he was back in MOBA Legends and he was not very happy! The update was announced by Kick9, Inc. and it only last for a limited time. Gamers got to play as horror icon Chucky, and his advent was definitely a move to put folks in the mood for Halloween. Feel free to check the new trailer out to see the character in action. Playtime’s over!

MOBA Legends

Halloween was celebrated within Pokémon GO

If you are a Pokémon GO user, you must have been pleased with what was on offer during Halloween! Starting from the 26th of October, monsters like Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno and Zubat all became easier to catch. To boot, candy rewards was also doubled up giving players a well-deserved boost. Check the earlier released trailer for an idea of what is was like!

Pokémon GO


A platformer that we all expect is coming from Nintendo soon!

We have all heard the news and most are surely excited about the fact that the world’s most popular platformer will soon make its way to mobile platforms. The initiative is from a developer that has been around since the dawn of games, and that’s none other than Nintendo! The title will feature a plumber and he is known for his jumping and running skills. You guessed it?!

Yes, that’s Super Mario, and it might be surprising, but till date, this chubby hero has not yet been seen within any mobile application! However, things are about to change and it’s all due to Nintendo’s resolution to finally conquer the App Store and Google Play. Do note that Fusajiro Yamauchi has been executing his plans smoothly and Pokémon GO has certainly helped a lot in the multinational’s endeavour to take over new markets.

Super Mario Run

By December of 2016 Super Mario Run will hit the iOS store and a specific release date is likely to be revealed in the days to come. From what we know, the title will preserve its platformer roots and will be boosted with beautiful graphics and sound. On the other hand, we have also been hinted that the app will later have an Android port and a possible Switch version is also being talked about. Sounds good right!?

For now, it might help to take a look at the latest released gameplay video that is seen on the official Nintendo Mobile channel on YouTube. Remember to post your thoughts in the comments section and do stay tuned for further updates about all forthcoming platform and arcade games!