Stagehand: a ‘reverse platformer’ game from Big Bucket

We have tested several of them and we surely know how it feels to play a platformer game on mobile! It’s fun, exciting and gamers are sure to benefit from a good dose of entertainment on the go. Considering that thousands of new apps get released daily, it is clear that a few had to come from the genre that you enjoy so much!

The one that you will certainly like to look out for is going to be released by the developers behind hit titles like The Incident and Space Age. That’s none other than Big Bucket, and they have now revealed that their forthcoming game will be called Stagehand. The latter is slated for a November the 23rd of 2016 launch and it should come with a price of $1.99 only.


You heard it, even more action is on the way for those who have a passion for Super Mario style thrills! However, the newly announced app will come with a very surprising twist! Players will not control the character, but the platforms on which he will be moving on. That’s right it will be a fast-paced challenge and dragging things around on time to make way for Frank will be the key to score the highest possible!

Do note that Stagehand is presently targeted at the iOS Store exclusively and more details about other ports will probably be revealed in the future. For now, a pretty demonstrative trailer has gone live and it will provide prospect gamers with an idea of what’s coming. Check it out!



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