Digby Forever: a game from the makers of Pac-Man 256

Digby Forever

More thrills will soon be delivered by the folks behind Pac-Man 256! This time, it will be by the means of a game called Digby Forever. The latter’s release date will be known in the days to come and it will eventually be seen on both iOS and Android stores. As far as the gameplay is concerned, players can expect endless digging thrills. In the wait for the launch, do keep an eye on the developer’s official pages or this very blog for the latest updates!


The Pokémon Company releases Pokémon Duel

A brand new app has been released by The Pokémon Company! As you might have guessed, it will be one with collectible monsters, but this time, players can expect a strategy game. Figures will have to be collected and once a deck formed, it will be possible to go against opponents. Watch the trailer for a better idea of what’s on offer!

Pokémon Duel

Nintendo’s next mobile project is Fire Emblem: Heroes

Those who have been wondering what Nintendo has been up to will be surprised to hear the news that we now have for you! Fire Emblem: Heroes is the name of their next mobile game. If you are a fan, you would have guessed that this is obviously another version of the developer’s hit console franchise. In the meanwhile, more precisely until February the 2nd, you can take some time to watch the game’s trailer!

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Collect or Die: a gory platformer for those looking for a new challenge

Folks who are fond of new challenges will certainly like to hear about Collect or Die! The latter has been delivered by Super Smith Bros and it’s now on the App Store. Players will control a stick man; getting him through a trap-filled environment while collecting coins will be the main task. It will certainly help to mention that prospect gamers will have to spend no less than $1.99 to get the app! For now, do not miss the trailer for a better idea of what to expect!

Collect or Die

Collect or Die: a tilt platformer for the thrill-seekers  

If you still haven’t had enough of platform gaming on your mobile device, you will be glad to learn that new ones are being released regularly! Whether you look for your games on the App Store or on Google Play, be assured that you will always find something that will suit you perfectly!

A platformer that you will certainly like to give a try is Collect or Die! The latter will be in stores by the 26th of January of 2017 and it will be an appropriate game for those who have been looking for some gore elements as they run across obstacles while collecting coins.

Collect or Die

A stickman will have to be guided in that title and if there is one special feature to look out for, it will have to be the deadly traps! The title’s tilt-controlled nature will also help differentiate it from the thousands of competitors that are presently out there. You heard it, users will only have to tilt their devices to move the character! However, this is eventually going to add to the level of difficulty. A real challenge can hence be expected!

From what we know, the game will be released by Super Smith Bros, it will cost players $1.99 and will apparently hold no in-app purchases. Sounds pretty interesting to me and if you cannot wait to take a look at what’s coming, you can now watch the announcement trailer for a glimpse of the action! Stay tuned for additional details and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Yuri: a platform game with Limbo and Mario features

If you had fun playing Limbo and Mario, there are huge chances that you will fall for the newly released Yuri! The latter is available on the App Store for $2.99 and it is being called a naturalistic platformer. Beautiful graphics, a smooth gameplay and soothing music will accompany players as they get into a breath-taking adventure. Remember to watch the announcement trailer for a better idea of what this is about!


Super Mario Run will be released on Android by March 2017

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

We have all been waiting for it and we now have the confirmation that Super Mario Run will be on Android by March 2017. You heard it right, a second port is finally on the way; it will certainly be free-to-play to deliver as much fun as the initial version! The exact launch date will soon be announced by Nintendo and it will hence be wise to keep an eye on their official Twitter feed! Stay tuned!

Rovio is really keen to divert from its Angry Birds past


In a recent announcement by mobile game developer Rovio, it was revealed that a bunch of pretty different titles are in the making! These will be MMOs and, from what we know, no Angry Birds elements will be included. Indeed, the new apps will make up for a franchise of their own and more will be revealed in the days to come. For now, do check the developper’s official website and keep an eye here for additional information!

Shutoku Battle Xtreme will be available on mobile soon

Shutoku Battle Xtreme

The Japanese mobile game markets will soon host a brand-new racing title! It has been named Shutoku Battle Xtreme and both the iOS and Android stores will be targeted. Do note that cars like the Suzuki Alto Works, Honda S660, Nissan ‘R35’ GT-R and the Mitsubishi Evo X will all be featured in-game! For now, players can register to be among the first to download the app; this will also allow them to get a bonus car! Do not miss out on some of the gameplay and stay tuned for more details!


Golf Zero, an upcoming platforming golf game!

Just when we thought that we had seen it all, something has been announced to blow us away! We are obviously referring to the platform game genre and its present boiling state. The latest news is about the forthcoming release of another original title. It’s actually in its refinement phase but it will soon be revealed!

The game we are referring to has been called Golf Zero. By its name, it might be slightly hard to believe that it’s a platformer. However, that’s due to the fact that it comes with a twist; the game will also bear golf features! Indeed, players will be tasked to control a bouncy character whose objective is to get the ball into a hole that’s by a red flag.

Golf Zero

Several levels will have to be completed to score the best and eventually make your way onto the leaderboard. Nevertheless, things will not be simple as deadly spikes, saws, springs, long gaps and other traps will all be around to slow you down in your quest. Precision, concentration, reflexes and speed are skills that will definitely help a lot!

Do note that the app is being developed by Colin Lane and Brad Erkkila. The duo has only released a few gifs till now, but these are still pretty instructive. They showcase the main character, the arcade-themed world and the gameplay. To boot, they also revealed that the launch will occur at some point by the end of February. Stay tuned for more details and do share your thoughts in the comments section!

Pineapple Pen: a game that will remind you of a certain Pikotaro

If you had a laugh listening to Pikotaro’s PPAP song, you will certainly be glad to hear about the release of a Pineapple Pen game! The latter can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play and as you must have guessed, it’s all about shooting pens into apples and pineapples. Do note that the title was launched by Ketchapp, who is also behind Bottle Flip!, Stack and Jumpy. Check the trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay!

Pineapple Pen

Star Wars: Force Arena – for some MOBA-style fun!

You certainly heard about its soft-launch, but we can now announce that Star Wars: Force Arena has been released globally! The game is on the App Store and it will cost nothing to download and play. To boot, Rogue One characters along with a bunch of new features have also been added to the initially tested version. Wait no more, check the game’s trailer for a better idea of what it is about!

 Star Wars: Force Arena

A drop-platformer called Drop’d to be released on 19.01.17

A brand-new drop-platformer game will soon hit major mobile download stores! Drop’d will be released by GalacticThumb and its announced date is the 19th of this month. Do note that the gameplay will be pretty original as players will be tasked to control a falling cube. In the wait for more details, do watch the trailer and remember to share your thoughts!


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: on iOS for $14.99

If you are into mobile action RPG shooters, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will definitely meet your needs! For the pleasure of fans, the latter has finally made it on the App Store! However, it will be pretty expensive and players will have to spend $14.99 for the game! For more details, do take some time to check the iOS market and the trailer is also there for a short preview of this thrilling remake!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Random Heroes 3: for real action on the go

For some real platform-gaming thrills, one of the thousands of games that are now seen online should definitely suit you! To help you out, we suggest that you consider Random Heroes 3. The latter is available for free on the App Store and even if it does imply some optional in-app purchases, it will still deliver pretty good entertainment. It will also be wise to point out that this title holds a 4.5/5 star rating. Do take some time to watch the trailer for a quick glimpse of what to expect!

Random Heroes 3