Pokémon Go is the GDC’s best mobile game!

This is certainly good news for the millions of fans that Pokémon Go has around the globe; the augmented reality game has won the ‘Best Mobile Game Award’! The recognition obviously came from the GDC and it doesn’t look like the jury had a hard time picking a winner here! Indeed, 2016 was Niantic’s very own year, and these days developers at the studio are still trying their best to meet players’ needs. Do note that the full list of award winners can now be seen on the Game Developers Conference’s official website!

Pokémon Go


Pokémon GO: 80 new creatures will soon be available in-game

In a move to keep players going, the Pokémon GO developer has finally decided to make a start move! Yes, more monsters are being added to the game and from what we now know, 80 of them should be on the way. It was hinted that creatures like Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile will be some of the most popular additions. A new trailer was released on the occasion of the announcement, do check it out!

Pokémon GO

Nexomon: for those who did not have enough to catch!

Many of you probably believe that it has been hard to catch Pokémons! However, there will soon be a new monster-catching game in town and it has been called Nexomon! The latter has been announced for iOS, with an expected release in 2017. This might be a bit of a wait, but rest assured, over 300 creatures will be around and you’ll get to catch ‘em all! For now, do not miss the trailer; it will give you a pretty clear view of what to expect!