Middle-Earth: Shadow of War: real-time RPG for mobile

It’s called Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and it was recently announced by Warner Bros. Once launched, players will get to enjoy real-time RPG thrills on their mobile devices. Also note that this title will be part of the Lord of the Rings franchise and it will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. Android users can now preregister on the game’s official website. Remember to check the newly released trailer for a glimpse of the action and stay tuned for more details!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War



Nintendo’s next mobile project is Fire Emblem: Heroes

Those who have been wondering what Nintendo has been up to will be surprised to hear the news that we now have for you! Fire Emblem: Heroes is the name of their next mobile game. If you are a fan, you would have guessed that this is obviously another version of the developer’s hit console franchise. In the meanwhile, more precisely until February the 2nd, you can take some time to watch the game’s trailer!

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Torchlight Mobile will be an action-packed RPG

Torchlight Mobile

RPGs are all over the place these days, but from what we can now see, Torchlight Mobile will be something else! Cool graphics and a fast-paced gameplay will give it an edge on the rest and it will come with mini games. Do note that the app is presently in closed beta in China and the developer will soon announce a release date. In the meantime, do not miss out on the trailer, it holds some amazing footage!

Jade Empire: action-RPG thrills from Bioware

Jade Empire

Bioware earlier released Jade Empire in 2005 and it already has a pretty solid fan base! However, the developer has now taken things to the next level and the title can hence be seen on the App Store. Players can expect next-gen action-RPG thrills on the go and beautiful graphics. If this sounds good enough, to check its brand new trailer and visit your local iOS store for more details!