Retro-style gaming with the forthcoming Ghoulboy


A mighty character will have to be controlled in the forthcoming retro game, Ghoulboy. The latter will provide platform gaming thrills to those with compatible mobile devices, but it will also take them on a pretty perilous adventure across a dull world. To boot, pixelated graphics will give this mobile experience an even spookier feel. In the wait for the official release date, do check its trailer below. Also remember to comment to share your thoughts about this upcoming application!




Picomy’s forthcoming project is called Monomals

Developer Picomy had some glorious days with the launch of Heroki in 2015! However, they presently feel like it’s now time to renew their feat with yet another mobile release. It’s slated for 2018 and the title was named Monomals. The latter will come with an original underwater theme and from the developer’s description, it will be a mix between a creature collecting and a rhythm game. A trailer is presently out there and you can check it out in the wait for its release. Stay tuned!


Shadow Fight 3 will go live on the 16th of November

If like me, you have also been waiting for it, you will be pleased to hear than Shadow Fight 3 finally has a release date! It has been set for the 16th of November 2017; both the iOS and Android stores will be served. Do note that yet another trailer was revealed to announce the date. It again showcases the amazing graphics that have been used for this action game, you cannot miss it! Stay tuned for more details and feel free to express yourself in the comments section!

Shadow Fight 3

Agent Aliens: for those into action-packed alien thrills

If you are of the thousands to enjoy alien-themed games, you will be glad to hear about Agent Aliens! The latter is presently in its beta phase and it can be downloaded from the Android store exclusively. Expect bright colours, shooting and tons of platform-running action as you control several cool-looking aliens. For now, simply check the trailer out for a better idea of what’s in reserve!

Agent Aliens

Die by Died: an action platformer with RPG elements

From simple observations, we can now conclude that the platformer genre is facing some sort of evolution! Games are not always all about running in a straight line to collect coins. Things are getting mixed and players are presently being served with better and more captivating titles. One that we can certainly refer to these days is a forthcoming app by Wei Shi.

The latter is called Die by Died and even if the title does not make sense, it’s still looking like an app that will certainly catch the eyes of mobile gamers. The feature that will help this game demarcate itself from the rest is its gameplay. RPG elements have been included and these will hopefully cater for the needs of players who would otherwise have nothing to do with a running man!

Die by Died

When it comes to the in-game action, you folks can expect pretty sleek-looking graphics. A gun-wielding character will have to be controlled, and as one progresses it will eventually be possible to unlock more weapons and various other perks. Smooth controls will also add to the charm of this forthcoming piece of entertainment.

According to information that we presently have, the launch is slated for the 22nd of February. Yes, that’s definitely not a long wait and if we can possibly guess, all mobile platforms should have their own version. In the wait for the release, do take some time to check the first trailer out. It will surely give you a better idea of what’s on the way!

Nintendo’s next mobile project is Fire Emblem: Heroes

Those who have been wondering what Nintendo has been up to will be surprised to hear the news that we now have for you! Fire Emblem: Heroes is the name of their next mobile game. If you are a fan, you would have guessed that this is obviously another version of the developer’s hit console franchise. In the meanwhile, more precisely until February the 2nd, you can take some time to watch the game’s trailer!

Fire Emblem: Heroes

A drop-platformer called Drop’d to be released on 19.01.17

A brand-new drop-platformer game will soon hit major mobile download stores! Drop’d will be released by GalacticThumb and its announced date is the 19th of this month. Do note that the gameplay will be pretty original as players will be tasked to control a falling cube. In the wait for more details, do watch the trailer and remember to share your thoughts!


Random Heroes 3: for real action on the go

For some real platform-gaming thrills, one of the thousands of games that are now seen online should definitely suit you! To help you out, we suggest that you consider Random Heroes 3. The latter is available for free on the App Store and even if it does imply some optional in-app purchases, it will still deliver pretty good entertainment. It will also be wise to point out that this title holds a 4.5/5 star rating. Do take some time to watch the trailer for a quick glimpse of what to expect!

Random Heroes 3

Chuck Norris fans will be thrilled with flaregames’ new app

Flaregames has released a new game and it’s one that will please Chuck Norris fans a lot! Indeed, the title is an action RPG that features the martial artist; he will be on a mission that suits him perfectly. As you might have guessed, lots of kicks and punches will be involved and no enemy will be spared! The trailer will definitely tell you more about the gameplay. Check it out!

Nonstop Chuck Norris

Help! I’m Haunted: platform action for those into retro thrills

A cool new horror platform game experience is on its way to mobile! It was named Help! I’m Haunted and PC and iOS platforms are targeted for now. When it comes to the gameplay, it will be all about saving Neo-Transylvania by exorcising pixelated ghosts. A large variety of weapons will be within reach and shooting all the enemies as you move upwards will help users get a place on the leaderboard. Check the trailer out for an idea of what to expect!

Help! I’m Haunted